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Gear Box Repairs

Gearboxes are a complex part of any vehicle, so maintenance is an important part of the car’s servicing needs.
As a gearbox specialist, it is only natural that our Auto Centres offers a high quality gearbox repair and replacement service.

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Free Towing for all vehicles in a 40km Radius Brought in for Repairs

  • BMW Major and minor services, only approved OEM parts used.
  • BMW Key coding
  • BWW oil change/reset service light
  • BMW Suspension Repairs
  • Brake and clutch fitments
  • Fault clearing
  • Fault Finding

Diff Repairs

A differentials main purpose is to enable wheels to spin at different speeds while generating the same amount of torque.

Without this system your vehicle would be difficult and unpredictable to handle.

The differential can be configured a number of different ways depending if the vehicle is front or rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.

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Brake Repairs

Expert Brake Services for Healthy Brakes

Brake maintenance on your car should not be treated lightly. In an emergency, stopping quickly is important for the safety of you and your passengers.

Schedule an appointment online or call today and get a brake inspection at our workshop any time you notice an irregularity in your car’s braking performance.

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Clutch Repairs

You need to think about the state of your car’s clutch, particularly if you are driving a car with a manual transmission. Depending on your driving habits, it should last between 4 to 7 years.

A common cause of costly roadside rescue is due to a slipping or worn clutch. If a clutch fails it can damage the flywheel, adding extra expense to an already serious mechanical problem.

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